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Shimano Ceramic Hybrid ABEC 7
Shimano Ceramic Hybrid ABEC 7

Price: $29.95

Product Code: SHIMANO CH3104

Ceramic Hybrid ABEC 7 bearings for Shimanos.  These bearings combine the best of both worlds to give you a smooth fast bearing.  You will not find a better bearing than these.

Most all Shimano baitcasting reels take the 3x10x4 bearings.  The bearings come pre-lubed and ready to install.  They come without shields which makes them easier to clean and re-lube.

2 Bearings per set

2 - 3x10x4

ABEC 7 rating

Fits most of these models;
Cruxis 200
Citica 200D, 201D, 200E, 200G5, 200G6, 200G7, 201G7
Curado 200BSF, 201BSF, 100B, 101B, 200D, 201D, 200E5, 200E7, 201E7, 200G5, 200G6, 201G6, 200G7, 201G7
Chronarch 100SF, 101SF, 100B, 101B,  50MG, 51MG, 100D, 101D, 50E, 51E, 200E5, 201E5, 200E6, 201E6, 200E7, 201E7
Calais 100A, 101A, 200A, 201A, 200DC, 201DC,
Core 50MG, 51MG, 100MG, 101MG,
Calcutta 100, 101, 200, 201, 50, 51, 100GT, 101GT, 200GT, 201GT, 200D, 201D, 300D, 301D, 400D, 401D